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Farm products We propose our meats and our specialities of pork-butchery, poultry and sheep to you.
Pigs, sheep and guinea fowls... are bred on the exploitation and transformed into pork-butchery, delicatessen and other specialities, by our care.
Poultry and sheep are bred exclusively with cereals and fodder produced on the exploitation.
During the beautiful season our sheep graze along the vast broad areas of the Méjean Causse.

Update set on line
 26/12/2011       On reservation : breeding of beef meat (limousine), sale of meat boxes from 9 to 10 kg.

Look at a sample of our products :
  • big sausage
  • dry sausage
  • caussenard pâté with bays of juniper
  • caussenard pâté with cepes
  • guinea fowl pie
  • caussenarde marinade ( mutton speciality )
  • and so on...
The pork, poultry and sheep products are marketed on the exploitation, but also on the regional markets and in shop of French gourmet products.
Maison de la Lozère
1bis & 4, rue Hautefeuille
75 006 PARIS
Tel : 01 43 54 26 64
Aire de La Lozère
Autoroute A75
à proximité de St Chély d'Apcher

Hyper U
48000 Mende

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Martine and Julie TURC
48400 Fraissinet de Fourques
Tel. : 04 66 45 66 14
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Fraissinet de Fourques
Fraissinet de Fourques
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