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The Méjean Causse and the Cevennes,
a world to be explored
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Gîte De L'Hom

In full heart of the Cevennes National Park, the village of L'Hom is located between several natural areas with very various landscapes : Méjean causse, the Cevennes, Gorges of Jonte and Gorges of Tarn. A wild country, with rich diversified wildlife.

The Méjean Causse is a broad limestone plateau, country of sheep (meat production or milk : Roquefort...), of the carline with acanthus leaves, of the orchids... The landscapes combine the beauty of the steppes with the charm of the ruiniform sites such as the Chaos of Nimes Le Vieux.

The Méjean causse on the road to L'Hom
The Méjean causse on the road to L'Hom (photo 2018)
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Video: Landscapes of the Méjean through seasons!
Behind L'Hom, the chaos of Nîmes-le-Vieux
Behind L'Hom, the chaos of Nîmes-le-Vieux (photo 2018)
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The Cevennes are a country of shistose plateaus full of peat-bogs and dug by beautiful savage deep valleys where runs a crystalline water. Country of chestnut, of holm oak, of mulberry tree, of Pélardon, it's an inexhaustible source of discoveries

The Cevennes
Click for zoom 12 KochestnutsThe Cevennes
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This magnificent landscapes are an invitation to rest, to the relaxation and the sporting and nature activities : bathe, pedestrian, equestrian or moutain-biking excursions, pot-holing, climbing, acrobatic courses, «Fario» trout fishing...
You will also discover an exceptional underground world (Aven Armand, Grottes de Dargilan, Abîme de Bramabiau )

To discover :
* here on the spot :
The Méjean Causse
Gorges of Jonte, of Tapoul
-> Footpath of Nîmes-le-Vieux (4 km)
-> The Tour of Méjean by foot (111km)

The Gorges of Tarn
* In a 20 km radius :
Gorges of Tarnon
the Aigoual Mount and its Meteorological observatory
Aven Armand, one of the most beautiful caves of Europe
The Grottes of Dargilan
Abîme de Bramabiau
Cevennes Cliff-road

* A little bit farther :
Gorges of Tarn, one of the most splendid canyons of Europe
Lozere Mount.
Gorges of Dourbie
Caves of Roquefort cheese near the Millau Viaduct
Aim walking :
Méjean causse map
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Footpath of Nîmes-le-Vieux (4 km) arranged by the Cevennes National Park, between Hom and Gally, a concentrate of the Méjean Causse.

The Tour of Méjean : walking of several days (5~6) on the Footpath of Causse to discover the spectacle of a territory worked by the pastoral life, with its large herds of ewe and its farms, true wonders of architecture, its menhirs and dolmens, traces of an old past.
The cliff footpaths, populated by fawn-coloured vultures, let you discover typical cliffs and villages in the heart of a wild land. They will offer a complete expatriation to you with the impression to walk in open sky.

      ( To discover the Tour of Méjean, click on the map to enlarge picture )

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